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MPP Hudak Calls for End to Green Energy Act

MPP Hudak Calls for End to Green Energy Act Auditor General’s Report Confirms Hudak’s Assertions That Ontario Can’t Afford Green Energy Act

  • 3 December 2015
  • Author: Katy Bilowus
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MPP Hudak Calls for End to Green Energy Act

Queen’s Park – Today’s Auditor General’s report confirms what MPP Tim Hudak has been saying for years, that Ontarians can’t afford the Liberals’ irrational energy policies.

“Families in my riding and across Ontario struggle to pay their hydro bills, are forced to choose between keeping the lights on and buying groceries, and worry that continued rate hikes will soon leave them in the dark,” said Hudak. “All the while we’re paying double, and sometimes triple, the market rate for hydro.”

“It is time this government scrapped the Green Energy Act and put Ontario families ahead of well-connected corporations and Liberal friends,” said Hudak, noting the Green Energy Act does nothing for the environment and only adds to the mismanagement and out of control costs of energy in Ontario.

To add insult to injury, expensive and unnecessary wind energy projects have been forced into unwilling communities, said Hudak.

The Auditor General found that Ontario electricity consumers will pay a total of $9.2 billion more for solar and wind projects as a result of the Ontario government’s Green Energy Act, which provides 20-year guaranteed rates for green energy including wind and solar.

“How is it logical that we generate more energy than we need, pay sky-high rates for it, and then dump that energy to outside markets at considerable financial loss?” asked Hudak, calling on a moratorium for any new projects under the expensive Green Energy Act.

This government needs to focus on jobs and economic growth – which can’t happen when hydro is unaffordable and business can’t afford to stay in business here.

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