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MPP Tim Hudak Stands With Families Affected by Autism

Local MPP asks Premier why she’s denying parents hope for their children

  • 6 May 2016
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MPP Tim Hudak Stands With Families Affected by Autism

Thursday May 5 during Question Period MPP Tim Hudak advocated for families who have children with autism to have access to vital Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI).

The Niagara West – Glanbrook MPP talked about five-year-old Enzo who has been waiting for IBI for more than two years, and who is now off the wait list and will not receive IBI after the government eliminated  IBI therapy for children five years and older.

“This weekend you will celebrate Mother’s Day, but little Enzo’s mom has never heard her son say “I love you” never heard the single word “mom”,” said Hudak to Premier Wynne. “Please don’t deny Enzo’s mom Shawna from hearing those four precious words, I love you mom.”

Wynne referred to the “biological window” of IBI therapy, that IBI works best for children under the age of five and that’s’ what the new program is designed to offer.

There is no evidence that IBI only works for children under the age of five, and a great many stories from Ontario families who know that it does work after age five, says Hudak. The fact is that IBI is the best treatment for children and is best offered early.

“To say there’s a switch, that because a child blows out five birthday candles, this therapy suddenly stops working is ludicrous,” said Hudak.

Hudak also joined the hundreds of parents and the Autism Ontario Coalition at a rally at Queen’s Park, protesting the government’s decision. The PC Caucus stands firmly with the parents, calling on the government to restore IBI for children aged five and older.

To ensure the Legislative Assembly hears all of the stories of local families affected by autism spectrum disorder, Hudak created the email address, and invites local families to share their stories.

To see MPP Hudak's question, click on the video link below.

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